Cerreto has been operating in the food industry for over 30 years, offering an extensive range of top-quality organic products. It has established itself as one of the leading and most complete agri-food production firms, offering a selection of food products comprising the most renowned and appreciated flavours of traditional Italian regional and Mediterranean cuisine:
herbs, spices, legumes and cereals, minestrone and risottos, soups, seasonings and mixes for pasta, and seeds. Yet, there is much more: today, Cerreto has extended its product range with the aim to increase and promote the consumption of organic and natural products thanks to a new line of food supplements, which stand for quality and purity.


Cerreto Bio is a line of organic food products of high quality. The Cerreto ORGANIC product range includes only plant’s products that guarantee a healthy and genuine feeding.


La Collina dei Fiori is a new line of organic and natural food product and supplements with effective beneficial properties, a source of therapeutic substances that are useful for our body.


Suppliers and raw materials are selected attentively and the entire production process is carefully and constantly monitored.


Cerreto offers constantly evolving pre-sale and after-sales services to meet the most diverse customer needs.


Company’s network covers entire country, focusing on modularity and optimisation of the profitability of display layouts.


Cerreto supplies more than 2,000 sales outlets across Italy, with an increasing presence in France, Spain and Germany.